Getting found where you live, developing a local presence.

If your services are directed at a specific geographical area, then Local Search is how you generate leads.

If you’re locally focused, ranking in your service area is imperative to your success. To facilitate this, we build Search Fundamentals into your site, we tell Google and Bing your location, what you do and who you serve. Most websites do not enter this basic information, and as a result, directly impede their growth.

After your site is built, we first address Local Search. Most of our clients only need to simply establish their online presence as a local practice, however, how competitive your industry or market is determines how much work needs to be done to get you to rank.

Google My Business

When you search for a business or practice on Google, it will display a map pinpointing its location and list basic information regarding that business. This tool is called Google My Business, and it is critical to understand how it functions.

This is your secret weapon. Anyone can fill in the basics, and we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with this free tool, while it’s still free. Google Maps now requires a paid account to add your location in a map on your site, and Google My Business may one day follow suit. As with most other modern web features, what start out as free soon enough becomes, pay to play.

We go to great lengths when utilizing this tool, adding your map coordinates, crafting perfect images and graphics and filling in every minute detail. We help develop a strategy to encourage your clients to give you positive reviews. We cannot overstate how important this service is.

A free exercise for you:
Where Do I Stand on Local Search?

Take 2 minutes out of your schedule and try this.

1. Go to Google.

2. Type in, “whatever it is you do“, and then “near me” and hit Search.
(For us it’s, “Web Design near me”.)

Google My Business

3. Look at the results. If you’re not listed, this is what’s missing.

Local Disruption

We’ve been observing national and international businesses and firms attacking your local market share. They’re after your leads, and if you aren’t engaged in Digital marketing, you will fall behind. If you’re seeing decline in your subscriptions, consultations, or sales, someone is disrupting your market share.

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