Customize how your site works

Sometimes we need more than the what comes standard.

The platforms we use already deliver function. Contact forms to newsletter signups, articles and blogs, or being able to sell products from your websites, function is baked in. As well, be deploy security and maintenance, backup and recovery. The list goes on.

Despite all this, we often turn to third-party tools to give you more. WordPress calls them plug-ins, Magento uses extensions, and Shopify has Apps, to provide additional functionality. Our job in choosing, integrating and customizing these, is an important part of the process. Especially, because we have to ensure they’re working and keep them that way. We’ll list some of them here.


Do you need to sell products and services from your site?
Visit our Ecommerce page for more info.


Email marketing is a must-have services.
We cover this in detail on our Newsletter page.

Ninja Forms

For advanced contact forms, we trust Ninja Forms. Their paid plug-ins include specific tasks, like Conditional Logic, mailing services to ensure the form is delivered, and newsletter opt-in forms for some of our favorite email marketing providers. Click the link for more information >.

Ninja Forms