Turning potential into results.

Convert casual visitors to your site, into active users

When someone visits your site, but does nothing except scroll through the home page, it’s called a bounce.

Bounces are bad, and leave your firm at a disadvantage. Because a viewer failed to interact with your site, we’ve learned nothing about that person or their needs.

When thinking of effective conversions, most turn to sales. It’s true that a sale is indeed the best possible conversion, but every site is different, and any action we can record helps us to better focus on what your potential clients find important. Our mission is to design your site so that it actually works for you and your firm. If we don’t convert, we’re not improving.

The goal is to get viewers to click something, to interact with our site. We design your site with this main focus in mind.

What’s a Conversion?

What do we want people to do once they get to your site? Different sites require certain conversions and conversion goals.

For Ecommerce, a site that sells things, conversions includes sales. It will track when someone clicks a product, adding a product to cart, and each step in the checkout process, including the completed purchase.

For Content sites, a conversion means clicking on an article, a page, an offer or a contact form, as each is an action we can track. For analytics, we set conversion goals, making it much easier to see progress in your web traffic.

When Lead Generation is our main goal, a conversion is completing a form and clicking send, downloading a white paper, or clicking an offer.

Turning browsers into buyers

When someone goes to the trouble of adding items to your cart and even filling out some info, but doesn’t check out, we want to know. We want to market to people who left a purchase in their cart, even if it’s a pop-up as they leave or an email reminder.

We also want to understand why people leave, so we can improve your site and sales. Shopify says there’s four reasons people abandon their carts.

  • Being forced to create an account.
  • Struggling with complicated checkout processes.
  • Unexpected delivery costs.
  • Concerns over security.

After we build a site, we work to refine how everything works, improving how your site performs over time.