Protecting your site

Security is built-in, not an afterthought

When we build your website, we take into consideration every facet of the platform, so it’s extendable, robust, and focused on performance. Security and maintenance are front of mind.

Security begins with a hardening process  When we build your site, we lock down file permissions and access rights, addressing the ways hackers get into a site. Running Open Source platforms like WordPress require maintenance and vigilance, and we make improvements continually.

Multiple levels of protection, alert mechanisms, industry best practices and continual maintenance keep your site up and running.

After your site goes live, we run a suite of security plugins that protect you from brute-force attacks, malware, and malicious code.

Disaster recovery means site backup. We have several layers of service to offer, relative to your needs. In the event your site is hacked, we start with recovery and escalate services until we restore services.

iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security is a plugin we’ve used in all our WordPress builds for the past three years. The Pro version provides even more functionality to protect your site. The services is a step above our standard security, built-in with every WordPress installation.

Two-Factor Authentication locks down who can login and administer your site. You would not believe how often malicious users and bots are trying to access your Admin. Guessing your user name and password, and doing it in with bots in an automated way is called a brute-force attack. By adding your cel number, this tool sends a code that you then enter on login.

Malware Scanning, checks your site daily alerting us to issues that we can quickly correct.

User Logging and User Security Check alerts to users affecting security, allowing us to take action.

Add Priority Escalation to their Support team and other features, making this service a great add-on.


Sucuri is one of the most powerful services we can install to protect your WordPress. Malware scanning and hack prevention, we can also recover a hacked site with the Sucuri suite.