It’s all about Branding

Web Design promotes your Brand

Your site projects who you are, what you do, and who you serve.

Building your site requires two main areas of focus: design and content. Site design starts with your brand. Your firm’s logo, your approach, all consciously designed to project both company image and  identity.

Your Image

It’s more than just a logo, your image summaizies how your practice operates, and creates a promise with your clients, your audience. As brand experts, we’ve helped craft corporate image for many of our clients, and many of them only have a logo to start with.

We are aware of how color works within your firm’s image, and we work to intentionally set the proper mood. Are you all business? Or are you ready for adventure? Conscious of typography, we help set the stage to communicate who you are. Icons and illustration finish the package.

Our process for crafting your identity is inclusive, and we work alongside you at each step. When complete, we provide all the files you’ll ever need to manage your brand for web, print, and promotional use. We can go a step further and create a brand guide that defines how and when you use the variations of your logo, and guides vendors and staff for the future.

Whether we create your logo or not, we use it to set the tone for your site.

Brand Exercise: What does a brand mean?

If we mention Kirkland & Ellis, what do you think of? Worldwide, exceptional service.

Morgan & Morgan is what? For the people.

Now tell me, what does your firm’s name stand for? That’s our goal, to make your brand mean something. With your site, we want people to understand who you are.

Product Identity

Branding for products and services is serious business. With the same care we used for your organization’s image, we create identity for each of your offerings. Continuity between offers and product lines builds your image. One creative session provides design for web, print, and beyond.

Let us know if we can help with your branding. While PracticeDev is focused on all things web, we’re aware of your needs beyond it.