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Requirements for every successful web building project

Domain Names

Your website’s address, the name you choose is an important first step to take that will impact how easily you can be found online. If you need assistance in creating or managing your domain, visit this page, as we link to several major registrars.


Every site originates on a computer, a web server, and having over 25 years of experience with web hosting services, we have evaluated and determined the best fits for your practice. We connect you directly to the host, rather than leaving you out of the loop, allowing you to maintain a personal relationship. We’ve always seen hosting as a necessary expense, not a profit center, and work closely with our hosts to ensure you are getting the service you require.



Our trusted solutions include WordPress, Magento, and Shopify. Toolsets include HMTL5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. We’re adept in others, managing Joomlah, Drupal, OpenCart, OS Commerce and have experience with Blackboard, Dolphin and other more expansive or specialized platforms. By focusing on the greater picture, and by understanding the strengths and limitations of each platform, we identify the best solution for your unique needs.


At PracticeDev, we understand that above all, your practice requires an expected level of both security and confidentiality, and as such, we both build your website and choose proper hosting with security in mind. Working with open source platforms, such as WordPress, means that the code behind the site is likewise open to the general public. As a result, there exists a constant battle of sorts between those looking to exploit weaknesses for gain and malicious intent, and developers, theme and plugin makers working to correct and patch these weaknesses. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain your site and update it frequently.

Backup and Recovery

It’s not enough to just rely on every available countermeasure, you need to understand how exactly to repair damages should something go wrong, for websites, that means backup and recovery. In the event of your site getting hacked, you’re only as good as your last reliable backup, and every passing second that it isn’t running properly and securely is directly harming your firm and related offers. In regards to backup, we work on a scalable frequency, as not every website is updated daily, yet many clients cannot afford to lose a week’s worth of content.


SSL and HTTPS isn’t just for ecommerce, it’s recommended for every site that sends email. The sharp increase of spam emails and phishing plots over the years has greatly magnified the need for an SSL certificate, and not having a cert can negatively effect both your Search ranking and your website’s security.


Our preferred platform, WordPress, is well-received among web-builders for its abundance of both templates and add-ons, it’s a robust platform that can deliver exceptional results. But selecting a design template is only the beginning of the process, to truly meet your goals requires customization, management, and an understanding of what’s available.

The most common challenge we face in the building process is choosing the a template to start from that meets as many of your mechanical needs as possible. Working from an existing template saves us hundreds of hours depending on the complexity of your site, rather than building everything from the ground up, it allows us to fine tune already existing functionality to suit you and your practice best. In order to be efficient, a web developer needs to both understand platforms, plug-ins, and templates are currently available, and have the technical know-how to best rework them to your specific needs.


Plug-ins likewise require the same level of attentiveness as templates, as large amounts of time, energy, and money can be saved by utilizing our hands-on customization services. To meet your stated goals, each plug-ins will slow down your pageload. Often, we work to remove plug-ins whenever we can, increasing the speed of your site while retaining as much functionality as possible.

With over 15 years of experience in WordPress, we have an expansive understanding of both templates and plug-ins. We retain the highest level of efficiency as possible, leveraging functionality while avoiding frivolous mechanical additions.

Features and Functionality

Every successful website has a purpose, and performs specific tasks that fulfill its stated goals. The importance of enabling your website to conduct the proper features your practice needs cannot be understated.

Every platform excels in delivering one core function; Shopify sells products, WordPress publishes articles, ect. Once the core function is identified however, we then address what other critical functions your site needs to perform, and how best to implement it for your users.

Such functions include membership-based sites that provide access to content, subscriptions that require a current, paid account, Newsletters, Detailed forms, Appointment Scheduling, Event Management, Affiliate programs, or Live Chat. All of these are examples of extended features and functionality that we not only provide, but excel at delivering.

Some functions may require paid services, while others can be maneuvered around and built without additional expense, we’re adept at helping you chart the right course to provide your clients with the best possible experience.

Custom Development

At PracticeDev, we work from your stated goals to deploy the best solutions to serve you and your practice. Whether it’s selecting and installing the most optimal plug-in, or customizing and managing it’s functionality, we tailor specifics of your site to you alone, and deliver the experience your clients require. We keep your site functional and maintained, scoping out potential solutions in real-time.


While building a website is fairly simple, refining it for speed and efficiency  requires an experienced mind and a very different set of skills. Fortunately, we are obsessive when it comes tweaking your site’s performance. Click the link for greater detail.


Designing and building a website is merely the beginning in digital practice development, the missing element is promotion, and promotional materials. Ecommerce, or the usage of online stores to conduct transactions, has become ubiquitous, and by enabling your site to seamlessly integrate a shopping cart, we aim to bolster your ability to promote your practice,

With established websites, we’re often contacted to fix a broken Shopping Cart, but usually in these instances, we see sites using legacy or mismanaged platforms that obstruct your ecommerce. Therefore, our job becomes either to repair and optimize this legacy platforms, or to replace them with streamlined solutions.

That is partly why we prefer Shopify,It is the perfect, balanced platform for small businesses or firms who wish to sell a focused inventory online or in person.  We however, have expirience working in many different ecommerce platforms.

For over 11 years, we have been building and managing Magento. Nearly every inquiry for Magento is involves a cart in dire need of an update or corrections. If this is you, we have considerable expertise and experience in the matter, and we’re ecstatic that Adobe has recently purchased Magento,  foreseeing a brilliant future for the platform.

We are adept in OS Commerce, OpenCart, WooCommerce for WordPress and others. Contact us and see how we can help.