Do you utilize news effectively?

Public and Media Relations are incredibly powerful ways to reach the mass market.

News is integral in content marketing, as articles and posts are what pull people to your site. It powers your Search and Improves your Paid Advertising, detailing who you are, and how your practice can serve.

We help you manage your news. From individual story creation to an overarching strategy, we help tell your story using news.

Content Marketing

PracticeDev specializes in providing you with individual articles, technical documents and whitepapers. We implement content marketing planning—a process that creates content on a schedule, to power your promotion.

Event Marketing

Exhibiting, speaking at, and attending events is a powerful way to reach customers, but are you making the most of your efforts? A crucial extension of event marketing is PR and media relations, as at every expo, media gathers. For your next show, you should write a press release and break news about what you’re doing. The press release as a vehicle is intended to speak directly to media, in the hopes that they find out story of interest, follow up and write an article, that they then publish. Building rapport with this world takes time and energy. We help you make these connections.

Not only should you have news, you should schedule an interview with publications you want to be seen in. Reporters show up to cover the show and conduct interviews. The last thing to consider is media training your team, we help you prep for the interview, help you write and edit the script, and train you on talking points, body language and how to deliver your message.

Trade Publications

We identify where your audience lives and help you connect with media to tell your story. We’re also adept at tracking results, to measure how your ads and articles perform.

Your History Matters

When we research a company, the first place we go is to their news. Even if you’re organization is not publicly traded, news tells your story as a timeline in chronological order. For many companies, we’ve looked at their history and created a series of articles that shows who they are, where they’re from and how partnerships, products, and milestones have made them who they are.

Investor Relations

Internal communications is essential. We’ve helped many startups and established organizations manage their other, less public audiences. From money pitches to annual reports, internal and user communications, ask us how we can help you speak to your diverse audiences.