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A Case Study in Collaboration

Here’s an example of how PracticeDev promotes your work. We built the site that brought this timely book to market, for notable Elder Law attorneys. We helped them market it with articles like this one, promoted on their site, others, via social media and through their email marketing channels.

Estate Planning in the Trump Era

The world of Estate Planning is a complex one. Nuances between trusts, wills, powers of attorney, health care directives, gifts, and you name it, all come together to draft how a client’s assets will be managed or passed down.

It’s a field that experiences radical shifts in protocol and methodology as we approach the beginning of a new legal era. And with President Trump’s passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the entire community of Estate Planners now find themselves having to quickly and efficiently rework their craft. But in this flurry of activity and media attention, how does one get their message heard, above all the noise?

Just mere days after the Act was finalized, three titans of the Estate Planning community—Martin Shenkman, Jonathan Blattmachr, and Joy Matak—came together and went straight into overdrive, penning the cornerstone of what Estate Planners now reference daily, “Estate Planning: Under the 2017 Tax Reconciliation Act“.

Three leading voices in Estate Planning

Estate PlanningA Co-Founder of InterActive Legal and renowned across America as a pillar in the Estate Planning community, Jonathan Blattmachr has over 35 years of experience in trust and estate taxation. He’s often cited as one of the country’s most creative estate planners.

As an author of more than 43 books and over 1,000 articles, Martin Shenkman has risen to be one of the most influential estate planners of our generation, with his lexicon of expertise paving the way for the Estate Planning community’s march forward.

And with over 20 years of experience as a highly flexible Wealth Transfer Strategist, Joy Matak brings her prolific background of tax services and succession planning to families all across the country.

But there was a problem: How to deliver this wealth of information to the public, in time for the 2018 Heckerling Institute Expo, the largest conference for estate planning in the world.

Running strong for over 53 years, Heckerling provides an unparalleled wealth of timely information through speakers, events, press conferences, and hands-on guidance to the ins and outs of Estate Planning.

[ Heckerling was the event for this book.  We couldn’t miss this opportunity to get this information to our industry. ]

To market the book, we built an ecommerce site—in just one week. We created a fully-functional webstore from which to sell and market their book—just in time for Heckerling.

Estate Planning

InterActive Legal is the place where collaboration in this industry takes place. And their marketing partner, Longbow  (PracticeDev) helped them deliver this site.

One of the biggest reasons why this lightning-fast campaign came together was our expertise in the ecommerce platform, Shopify.

Shopify is a newer platform that is sweeping the world by storm. Built for simplicity and efficiency, much like WordPress—and with functions such as an integrated webstore, analytics, and automated price and ordering controls, we were able to quickly build and launch the store.

Building the site was only the first step

After the site went live, our companies sprang into action. Together, all our partners launched a whirlwind marketing campaign, directly targeting the audience we needed to reach.

Shenkman Law, Peak Trust Co., InterActive Legal, made the book a focus of their Heckerling outreach. And with Shopify’s tools, we were able to promote, manage, and monitor the sale of the book, hassle-free. All this in addition to our mutual presence at Heckerling.

“We were only able to make this happen—in time for Heckerling—because of Longbow’s experience with us, our partners and with the platform.” Said Matt Tove, Director of Sales and Marketing for InterActive Legal. “Their focus and dedication made this happen. “

InterActive Legal continues to arm estate planning leaders with current, relevant and timely information. Getting this book into our subscribers’ hands was mission critical for our team at Heckerling.

The timeliness of the material cannot be understated. Jonathan Blattmachr, Marty Shenkman and Joy Matak essentially spent their Christmas holiday break to research, write and edit this book.

“It all came together so quickly,” Jonathan Blattmachr relayed. “We knew the legislation this would send shockwaves through the estate planning world and had to act, and Longbow delivered beyond our wildest expectations.”

“We’re amazed that Longbow was able to create this initiative so quickly.” Martin Shenkman told us. “They went from a concept to working store in a week. We can’t thank them enough”.

The practice of Estate Planning is still moving and evolving, and as it shifts from the Baby Boomer generation, it will continue to rapidly change. Thus, it is imperative that you and your firm are able to not only keep up with the changes, but, through effective marketing, to raise your voice above your competitors.

Longbow and its partners are at the leading edge of digital marketing. Come see how we can position you to thrive though this period of change and reach the next generation of clients. was a promotional site and is no longer available.

Visit and see how they empower professionals and attorney practices concerned with Estate Planning, Elder Law and Retirements Benefits Planning.

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