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The world of Estate Planning is changing, and attorneys and planners alike are looking to realign their practice for a newer audience. Natalie Choate, Estate Planning’s leading expert on retirement benefits planning, asked us to do just that with her groundbreaking eBook, “Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits“.

Together with InterActive Legal, we created a site, that promotes this work to a new audience. is a modern platform from which to view this cornerstone publication of estate, tax, and retirement benefits planning.

Updated and in sync with the 8th edition of the book, in 2018, Retirement Benefits Planning is the state of the art for estate planning, featuring frequent updates, full support for mobile devices, increased security, and an array of tools to help you deliver to your clients. Most importantly, the site is easy to navigate and access from your desktop and tablet.

Natalie Choate’s book is a crucial reference manual for the Estate Planning and Tax Planning industries, important to countless professionals in the field. We enabled the material to be presented online, accessed by subscription. This gives reader the ability to search for specific topics and then links to abundant resources and case materials.

Why was this update important?

Retirement Benefits Planning was upgraded from Flash to HTML5, allowing it to operate smoothly and efficiently on mobile devices such as tablets, phones, and Apple Products. Flash has become increasingly unsecure and needs to be replaced as a web technology. This update provides the security and modernity Natalie’s site needed to function in the present day and beyond.

About the Author: Natalie Choate

A renowned author and a pillar in the Estate Planning Community, Natalie Choate and her two books, “Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits” and “The QPRT Manual” are leading resources for estate and tax planning.

She has been named “Estate Planner of the Year” by the Boston Estate Planning Council, listed in The Best Lawyers in America, and one of the legendary first ten attorneys to have received the National Association of Estate Planners and Council’s “Distinguished Accredited Estate Planner” designation.

Her comments and writings are regarded across America as the premier source of information for estate planning, tax planning, and retirement benefits.

Life and Death Planning

8th Edition is now available in print and online.

Since it was first published in 1996, Natalie Choate’s “Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits” has been the foundational text of Estate Planning. It contains well over 550 pages of drill-down content essential for Estate Planners, Financial Advisors, Investment Planners, Tax Planners, and Attorneys all looking to delve into the mechanics of Retirement Benefits. It is not simply a guide, but a in-depth reference manual of which there are none equal.

Retirement Benefits Planning runs on FlippingBook, an online reader with an interactive table of contents, fully searchable text, and extensive links and backlogs that help you to find that exact court case you needed to reference.

It uses a subscription-based platform, allowing for frequent updates to the content. To stay relevant, simply subscribe and get immediate access to all new changes and updates.

“Longbow’s new redesign has helped Retirement Benefits Planning achieve our vision of a living, breathing foundation for our work, from which estate planners continue to build upon,” Natalie told us.

Since spring of 2017, Longbow has been working side-by-side the Estate Planning world with one major goal in mind; to provide attorneys and their practices with websites that work.

“Thanks to Longbow’s efforts, we are able to keep Retirement Benefits Planning continually up to date—and deliver Natalie’s critical text to the next generation of Estate Planners.” – Matthew Tove, InterActive Legal

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Longbow is a digital marketing firm, advertising and PR agency. PracticeDev is our new venture focused on the legal space, building modern websites with responsive design, powerful functionality and security.

We help attorney practices, estate planners and financial advisors to better promote themselves with branding, content and digital marketing. We provide simple, easy-to-manage solutions to help you get ahead of the competition.

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