Results from ABA report show the need for a well thought out online presence

With our focus on online promotion, we’re seeing trends that should serve as a wake-up call for any practice. National companies are surging at the expense of the future of your law firm. The need for digital marketing has never been greater. How does your site perform? 

The American Bar Association (ABA) conducted its Legal Technology Survey report, gathering information from May through October of 2018. 

Respondents to the portion of the 2018 Survey covering websites and law firm marketing consisted largely of solos (42%) and firms of 2-9 attorneys (32%), followed by 12% at firms of 10-49 attorneys, and 14% at firms of 50+ lawyers.  

The average age of all respondents was 54 years of age, and on average, respondents have been admitted to the bar for 25 years. 

Here are some of the notable results: 

  • The internet can help to level the playing field significantly, allowing smaller firms and solos to compete for business that, in the past, would be taken over by larger, national firms
  • Solo practitioners and small firms who develop a good internet marketing strategy still have the opportunity to use the internet to stand out and differentiate themselves. 
  • Based on the 2018 Survey results however, a significant number of solo and small firms are not taking advantage of this opportunity. 

Hence, we reach out to you, now.  

Once again, the majority of solos rely on themselves (63%) to create content for their website, alternatively, they outsource to outside consultants or providers (37%).  

Respondents from firms of 2-9 attorneys are almost evenly split between relying on one lawyer in their firm (37%), an outside consultant or provider (35%), and more than one lawyer in their firm (29%). 

We augment your team and help you more effectively and efficiently reach prospects.  

Solos and small firms that still do not have a web presence and a website with their own domain name are missing crucial opportunities to bolster their practice.

One major takeaway should be of course, that you don’t own your social media platforms. 

While many of these lawyers undoubtedly have some internet presence on other sites such as AvvoFacebook, or LinkedIn, it is important for lawyers to have an internet presence that they control and content that they own.  

The platforms are not future-proof and can dwindle off as quickly as they gain traction. If your law firm content and information reside only on these platforms, you’re taking an unnecessary risk. 

We understand that, while you cannot own your Facebook page or LinkedIn content, you certainly own and manage your website. Don’t place all your eggs in one basket, especially one you can’t control.  

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For more information, view the report on the America Bar Association’s site:…/Marketing/